Realigned Love

iphone-realigned4It’s been such an amazing couple of weeks with the release of my debut short story, Realigned. With over 2,000 free copies claimed already, and lots of positive reviews coming in–the main complaint being “it’s too short,” all so normal for a short story–my hope is you’re familiar with my writing style and are willing to give my upcoming releases a try. 

A huge thank you to everyone who has downloaded my free short. An even bigger thank you if you’ve given your time and read it. And a HUGE thank you if you’ve left a review.

Realigned reached #1 in 3 different categories, which blows my mind a little. 

I had such fun writing Realigned. The characters’ voices were so clear and distinctive, and their story of reconnecting was an effortless one to write. 

I envision my Coming Home series–short stories set in Australia where a main character returns home–to be uplifting, fun, sexy, and most definitely romantic. They will be those quick-fix reads needed when you have an hour and a half to spare and you want to swoon and be swept away in a happily-ever-after tale.

Amalgamated will be released in September. Hopefully. I’m halfway through but have become just a little sidetracked by a new full-length novel, a very different subgenre of M/M romance. I’m hooked at the moment and can’t ignore the main character’s voice. So stay-tuned for more.

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