Why Davis?

As soon as I introduced Davis in Let Me Show You, I knew he needed a story of his own. His voice was so distinctive, his personality so visceral that honestly, I couldn’t NOT have written his HEA.

What I also knew was that, as a single dad, which was previously established, he deserved someone special, but more than that, I didn’t believe he needed added complications of exes and his daughter’s mom showing up.

There wasn’t a moment where Davis’s future, or him chasing his HEA, needed to be buried in the past. It wasn’t what I wanted for him. There were no ghosts, no added angst of drama of his one-night stand showing up wanting rights to his child. I honestly think that’s because without Davis finding his special person, he already was fully aware he was blessed. Not only because of his beautiful child, but also with his best friend, who he classes as family.

He also has a big heart and is so willing to give that away—and so much more— to support people he cares about.

Knowing this, when he meets his love interest, his focus is very much on building a friendship, while dealing with a heap of lusty thoughts, and trying to be supportive since his love interest has taken a tentative first step out of the closet.

Davis’s story is very much relationship and character driven, with the focus on Davis’s outed-vet love interest, who he has a crush on, working his way through the minefield of self-respect and self-worth. In doing so, we see Davis falling hard but falling slowly. Yep, another sultry slow burn with humor and the smallest of dramas unfolding.

But Davis deserved someone who could love him back—without reservation, without fear. He absolutely deserved a “real” love.

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