Why Fists Don’t Fly

I’ve Got You by Becca seymour

I’ve Got You is low-angst contemporary romance. I need to get that statement out there. While I love reading and writing angsty and drama-fueled scenes, you won’t find that in the pages of this story.

The concept of “real” or “realistic” romance was very much the motivation behind I’ve Got You. That doesn’t mean I whipped off my rose-tinted glasses, as I aimed for sweet and swoon-worthy too, but it does mean knives and guns weren’t drawn in the midst of drama. Fists didn’t go flying even though some characters perhaps “deserved” a karate chop or two.

Instead, one of the conflicts in the story where a protagonist has to deal with an abusive person, they do so with so much bravery and dignity that there was no way they could throw a punch. In my “real world” of this story, that could have resulted in arrest, a child without their father, stains in the carpet….

Taking the moral high ground can be so crazy hard in this thing called life, not giving bullies or perpetrators of violence the upper hand by lowering yourself to their level takes courage. And my gorgeous protagonists have that in bucketloads.

I wanted them to have victory in turning their back, not engaging in BS or worthless arguments. I didn’t want them to waste their energy on the insignificant. That doesn’t mean the characters’ pasts didn’t help to shape and define them. Rather, the purpose of rising above between the pages of I’ve Got You was for them to take control of their lives and their future. For them to realize and accept that they’re better than those who would bring them down.

Idealistic. Sure. Not necessarily the real world. Absolutely. But in my fictional world in I’ve Got You, that’s exactly what you get.

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