For the Love of Jasper

Thinking It Over by Becca Seymour

From the moment Jasper appeared in the pages as a young teacher working for Davis in his coffee shop in Becoming Us, I knew he had a story that needed to be told. His voice was strong and came so easily the more he opened up. But it was immediately clear to me that I needed his journey to be more than finding love. I needed him to finally find what he was looking for in life, specifically with his career.

He’s passionate and fun and has such a desire to make a difference. Him landing a role—finally—as an English teacher sparked the events that take place in Thinking It Over, leading his character on a journey that definitely isn’t predictable.

While Jasper most definitely gets his HEA, like many people’s own happily ever afters, they’re not always perfect and they take twists and turns along the way. And Jasper’s HEA perhaps is far from what he envisioned for himself, but it doesn’t mean he’s not 100 percent happy with where he ends up.

Between the pages of Thinking It Over, there’s a little drama and some minor angst, but everything is painted with a semblance of realism. That means people make mistakes, it means best laid plans don’t always pan out as we may expect, and it absolutely means life throws at us so much that there’s a whole of heap of thinking it over to be had.

And Jasper, my sweet, confident, and kind young man is a character who is so easy to journey with. I hope you love getting to know him too.

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