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NUTC - 99c 5Not Used to Cute is a pretty damn adorable Aussie small-town romance, and one I honestly don’t think gets enough love. Go figure! The title helps sum up not only one of the main characters, but also the overall feel of this book. It’s fun and adorable. There’s a little external angst with dickhead homophobes, but the couple in this opposites-attract novel, Seb and Elijah, are grown-ups who actually communicate. Ha! I was as surprised as my readers with this couple. Sure, it starts off a little rocky with neither man willing to open up, but when they finally embrace their attraction, they go all in. Cue swoon!

This lovely story is currently only 99c, and like all my titles, if you are in the KU program, you can read this baby for free. 

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Alongside this sweet sale, there’s a couple of other bits of book news I want to share with you all. NUTC 3 for him

News #1: In my most recent newsletter you will have discovered a little more about my next release, No Take Backs, as well as the lovely preorder links. But there’s more news that I’ve recently shared (though subtly) in my Facebook group, which is that this November’s release has a tiny bit of a cross over with Not Used to Cute, as the main characters visit Bar QK–the bar Elijah owns. I can’t wait for November so you can read the loveliness I have in store for you.

News #2: If you love OPPOSITES ATTRACT reads, then not only can you pick up Not Used to Cute for 99c, but you can check out 30 other books with the same trope, many of which are on sale and most can be read for free in KU.

Check it out HERE between Sept 17 & 27:

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