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High Alert is a pretty fabulous Aussie small-town romance, and one that really hits the mark considering the most recent flooding event Mother Nature has thrown Australia’s way.

For those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, you may not know my local town in Gympie, which was hit hard. Honestly, the flooding has been devastating and impacted on so many people, their homes, and their businesses. It’s going to take a long time to clean up. 

I was super lucky. While life was tricky with our road being cut off, having five days with no power or phone, and we had some damage that’s going to be costly to put right, our house was fine, we were safe, and we had just enough fuel to run our generator for a few hours a day. 

High Alert, despite the name and the disasters within its pages, is fairly low angst, with the drama hitting hard with the extremes of Queensland weather. 

This lovely story is currently only 99c, and like all my titles, if you are in the KU program, you can read this baby for free. 


Alongside this sweet sale, there’s a couple of other bits of book news I want to share with you all.

News #1: In last month’s newsletter you will have seen that No More Secrets goes live tomorrow! Yippee! I love Sutton and Jayden so much.

News #2: If you love OPPOSITES ATTRACT reads and college romances that are fun, hot, and ridiculous, then check out the preorder for Rules, Schmules! 


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