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Previously published as a short 7,000 word story for a charity anthology, I’m working on expanding this title into a much-longer novella. Approx. 65,000 words.

What to Expect

Small-Town Australia | Friends to Lovers | Brother’s Best Friend | Rural Firefighter Hotness | Koala Rescue | Weather-Related Drama | A Not-So-Pleasant Blast From the Past | Hurt/Comfort


*unedited and subject to change

I could wrangle three school classes in the tight confines of the library, no worries. I could even spot a shifty student trying to sneak their phone out of their bag, but this level of threat, it was the real deal. But now was not the time for freaking out. There was no time for that.
“Dan’s safe and coming with,” he answered, amusement in his voice. The arse knew I’d been crushing on his best mate since the time I discovered internet porn. Circumstances between then and now had never allowed for me to finally find the courage to tell him I had the hots for him. Understatement of the century. With Dan having just returned to the area six months ago after so many years working in the city, I knew I had to make it happen. Having wasted years already regretting not telling him how I felt, it was time to stop. Just not quite now, considering the nightmare unravelling.
“I can put in a good word for you on the way if you want. Remind him you’re single and you do Pilates.” His laughter was loud, making me smile and easing some of my panic. If he was laughing, it couldn’t be as bad as I was fearing, surely.
“Piss off.” I shook my head, allowing a small grin. I followed with “See you soon,” just as I heard Dan ask, “Ross does bendy shit?”
I quickly hit the Cancel button on my wheel in horror. There was no doubt I would have closed my eyes and perhaps slammed my head against the wheel a few times if I wouldn’t likely crash in the process. Once this was over, and my parents and their place were safe, I was kicking Craig’s arse. 


This contemporary romance kind of snuck up on me. Intended as a stand-alone, though there’s definitely room for more in this series with a wide cast of characters introduced, A Shot Away (working title) jumps between Australia and the USA, but with both main characters being Aussies.

What to Expect

Small-Town Australia-American Crossover | Friends to Lovers | NBA Star | Coming Out | Link to Bar QK | Closeted MC | An Intro to the Aussie Nutbush


*unedited and subject to change

My heart slammed in my chest at the news. I knew what this meant, and while it was incredible, I struggled to catch my breath.
“I’ve been offered a full ride.” Excitement lifted every single word, his whole body shaking with his words.
“Shit, man.” I shook my head, forced a smile, and swallowed the emotion clawing its way up my throat. I grasped him in a hug, squeezing hard and patting him on the back. “I’m so fucking proud of you.”
It was hard as Hades to get a basketball scholarship, and an Australian being able to score one, and in a division one school at that was pretty much unheard of.
I pulled out of Ryan’s grasp, carefully arranging my expression. “Have you told your gran yet?”
“Nah, you’re the first, .” His words simultaneously hurt me and filled me with pride. “I couldn’t wait to tell you. Shit.” He laughed and held out his shaky hand. “I can’t stop shaking.”
I reached out and squeezed his arm. “You’re going to be amazing.” He would kickarse in the NCAA. Hell, he had the skills to go all of the way and make a career out of it.
Ryan’s smile slipped. “You’ll find a way to come and visit though, right?”
I bobbed my head, ignoring the hesitation slamming into my chest. When he left and I’d have to say goodbye, I didn’t think my heart could handle doing the same time and time again.
One goodbye would have to be enough. Saying that word to the boy who’d stolen my heart was already more than I could handle. But I’d do it the once, as he deserved all of the goodness in the world.
And me?
I’d be left behind, making good on my word to look out for his seven-year-old sister and his gran, and maybe one day when I was brave enough, I’d come out. 

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