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Remember Dean and Kieran from No Take Backs? Well, I fell in love with the guys and discovered they have a pretty fun story to share. Plus, after that scan in No Take Backs, you want to know what happens to them, right?

Fast Break is a new basketball college romance series, and it’s going to be ridiculously fun!

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*unedited and subject to change

With a snort, I nod. “Right. Don’t get me wrong, I genuinely love the game, but Minnesota know how to seduce the hot-as-hades players to join their team. I suppose it makes up for the less than stellar couple of years and the injuries they’ve been having.”

“I often take in a school game if ever you’re up for it. The team were away today, but they’re at home next Thursday if you want to come.”

I force myself to focus on Lana rather than take my fill on the eye candy who’ve since spilled through the house, some heading in our direction, no doubt seeking a drink. “I’d like that, thanks. Simone and Lester aren’t sports fan—” I grunt and lurch forward, my drink sloshing and spilling on my hoodie from the knock on my back. “Fuck.”

“Shit, sorry, man.” 

Scowling, I shift my gaze to the six-foot-whatever beast of a guy peering down at me and not looking overly apologetic at all. I offer a tight smile and fight hard to keep my mouth shut. I refuse to say it’s okay, as hello, beer on my awesome shirt, but there’s no point me challenging him. Turning my back on the guy, I focus on Lana and roll my eyes.

“Hey, I said I was sorry. No need to be dick.”

My stomach plummeting, I hake my head. Hearing murmured words, I refuse look back. My buzz is already on the way to being ruined.

“What?” the same voice says, clearly responding to the lower voice with words I can’t catch. “Whatever, man. I just need a beer and then I can get away from guys with sticks up their asses.”

Heat hits my cheeks and my gaze connects with Lana’s. Her brows shoot high as her focus drifts from me to the people behind me. When a toned arm appears over my shoulder, reaching for the stack of cups before me, I snap, “The fuck. Rude much.” I spin on my heels and am greeted with a gray T-shirt straining over a broad chest, not concealed by the unzipped college hoodie he’s wearing. The guy lifts his hands immediately, palms open.

“Sorry. Just trying to get a cup so I can get a drink and shut my friend up.”

“By being in my space?” I finally meet his gaze after a slow trail up to the face that I refuse to breathe differently over. Holy shit, he’s fucking handsome, and has the prettiest deep brown eyes I’ve ever seen. Rather than panting, I manage to keep my scowl in place.

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