Sale & Book News

Not Used to Cute is a pretty damn adorable Aussie small-town romance, and one I honestly don't think gets enough love. Go figure! The title helps sum up not only one of the main characters, but also the overall feel of this book. It's fun and adorable. There's a little external angst with dickhead homophobes, [...]

I Will Not Hyperventilate!

My promise to not hyperventilate may be broken in 3... 2... 1... because seriously, I've done something which I think is pretty damn awesome, but I'm legit freaking out a little about. I've organised a preorder for a March release.Obviously, this requires a "yay!" response, but while it has a contemporary edge and the same [...]

Realigned Love

It's been such an amazing couple of weeks with the release of my debut short story, Realigned. With over 2,000 free copies claimed already, and lots of positive reviews coming in--the main complaint being "it's too short," all so normal for a short story--my hope is you're familiar with my writing style and are willing to [...]