Cover Reveal: Under the Blazing Stars!

Cover Reveal: Under the Blazing Stars!

  • 27 March, 2023
  • Becca Seymour

Check out the gorgeous cover for Alec's story (hint: you met this character in High Alert!) This title is part of a fun collection of wonderful characters in various "off grid" destinations.



I’m a glutton for punishment.

The reason? My foolish pursuit of straight guys. Correction. One straight man.

Alec Rose.

For twelve long years, my best mate’s brother has starred in practically every fantasy I’ve had.

Massage… oops… my towel slips.

Swimming adventure mishap with a huge wave. Yep. Alec gives me mouth-to-mouth.

Shower with soap that refuses to stay in my hands. I best bend over.

Now, it’s become something of a game. I flirt outrageously, just to see the big guy blush. The thing is, he takes it all in his stride. Even attempts sweet, flirty moments back, but he will never be mine.

Until the impossible happens and interest sparks in his eyes and shines bright. Just maybe, under the blazing stars of the outback, we can navigate this connection and Alec will finally give me a chance.


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