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Completed word count: 66,650

Regular, Smegular!

Leon's story is coming! Woohoo!

We meet the lovely Leon, one of the delectable Brixham Bears players in Rules, Schmules! He's all levels of sweet and lovely. He's also hot AF!

Forbidden, bi-awakening college romance

Regular, Smegular! (Fast Break 2.5) is a 30k novella, and takes place at the same time as Tyron's story, Facts, Smacts! (which will be a full-length novel).

It's a bi-awakening story, and is on the cusp of a forbidden romance with a beautiful soul called Tiller. I can't wait for you to meet Tiller. He's a smouldering, tattooed and pierced delight.

April 10th 2023 BABE Charity anthology

This short story will be available as part of a wonderful charity anthology, but come August, it will be available by itself and in paperback.

Status: Complete
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